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Industrial manipulators and industrial grippers

COIL handling from STRÖDTER

How to lift rollers ergonomically!

Handling and relocating coils and rolls
Reliable gripper technology and device systems!
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Roll handling manipulator
Coil handling manipulator

STRÖDTER handling manipulators have proven to be reliable solutions for the handling of wrapped items over many years Materials proven. These include coils, slit strips and Coils made of different materials like paper foils, Plastic foils, as well as metal foils made of copper, Steel and stainless steel. The range of use extends up to loads of 600 kg.

Considering the roll weight (coil weight), diameter and width, as well the specific requirements of production for the handling of the rolls (coils). STRÖDTER offers a variety of suitable manipulator types as complete systems. This are equipped with specially developed rollers and swivel drives, to ensure ef­ficient and precise handling.

The mani­pulat­ors from STRÖDTER serve as indispensable lifting devices in the industrial sector Manufacturing and enabling companies to meet their daily lifting and transporting needs of rolls of film ef­fiz­ient.

Film roll manufacturer

Especially for film roll manufacturers and processors who have to lift and transport many tons every day Roll­weight is controlled, the STRÖDTER handling mani­pulat­ors are crucial meaning. A typical scenario, for example, is the removal of rolls that have been cut into roll widths the winding shaft on the film roll winding machines. These rolls then have to be placed on a trans port pallet for storage from the horizontal position to the vertical position by 90°. The precise and reliable handling STRÖDTER handling mani­pulat­ors supports companies in these demanding production processes.

Types of manipulators

  • Standing column articulated arm manipulator with pneumatic or electro-hydraulic drives for individual workstations
  • Lifting axis mani­pulat­ors (rail­movable) with ROLLYX aluminum lightweight running­rail­tracks for large hall areas
STRÖDTER handling manipulator (rope balancer) as a lifting aid for spools STRÖDTER handling manipulator for coil handling
E.g.: Industrial manipulator as a hydraulic articulated arm balancer "VIGO‑MAT" for 600 kg film rolls as a lifting aid

Roller gripper types

  • Mandrel tensioner for everyone Wrapping sleeves (paper sleeves or plastic sleeves) drillings e.g. Ø 3", 4", 6" as well as larger or smaller sleeve drillings. The mandrel clamps are also available as combination mandrel clamps for different winding sleeve diameters.
  • Rolls (coils) with materials that quickly loosen themselves (telescopically) receive additional clamping devices To prevent roller telescoping.
  • For docking the roll grippers to the winding shafts of roll winding machines, roll cutting machines, roll splitting machines STRÖDTER special docking devices.
To produce packaging, film processors must take the film rolls supplied by the manufacturer and turn them at 90° onto the flat surface and push it onto an unwinding mandrel to unroll the film. STRÖDTER Hand­habungs­technik has been supplying well-known companies for many years Manufacturers and processors of films with roll handling mani­pula­tors. With the roll mani­pulat­ors, the rolls can be gripped with a roll gripper tensioner in the winding tube and with a power operated Swivel device can be pivoted. The roles­hand­hab­ung goes with that Mani­pulator very simple, fast and therefore economical. The same technique is also for handling of rolls made of other materials in use. This technology is also used for steel coil handling (split strip).
STRÖDTER handling manipulator for handling rolls and coils with a coil gripper

Photo: STRÖDTER handling manipulator for roll handling

STRÖDTER coil lifting aids and handling manipulators

Photo: STRÖDTER gripper with mandrel clamp

STRÖDTER handling manipulator (lifting aid) for film rolls

Photo: Worker taking up the roll


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Handling manipulators from STRÖDTER
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